Since Covid, are you a kitchen table work-from-homer or are you a couch and coffee table type? How’s your workstation set up? How’s your posture? Do you have perfect posture? It may surprise you to know that perfect posture isn’t hard to achieve!

First, Let me ask you a question, is there such a thing as perfect posture here in St. Paul, MN? The latest research shows that your perfect posture is actually dynamic, or constantly changing, not static (staying the same).

Bottom Line:
Is there such a thing as perfect posture? The answer may surprise you.

The latest research shows that it’s actually more beneficial to think about your posture as dynamic, not

In other words, your ideal posture is constantly changing and evolving.

Why it Matters:
Think of your posture as a dynamic pattern of responses, reflexes, and habits – not just as a fixed

Gravity, your work environment, and your body’s anatomy all play essential roles. For instance, sitting for
hours at a time staring at a computer screen is a perfect example of a damaging static posture that over
time can lead to the development of chronic forward head posture.

Forward head posture affects millions of people who spend their days using computers and has the
potential to cause pain and degenerative changes in your spinal joints. It places stress on the neck and
shoulders and weakens the supporting muscles.

Here’s what you need to know:

  •  Forward head posture affects millions and results in neck pain for up to 75% of those affected.
  •  Neck pain, tension, stiffness, and tenderness are all signs of chronic forward head posture.
  • “Tech Neck” is the term used to describe the flexed head and neck position
    (forward head posture) that occurs when looking down at your smartphone.
  • Even 15 degrees of forward bending (in other words how far forward your head in front of your shoulders) can triple the stress of your head on your neck. #physics #science
  •  Trapezius strengthening has been shown to provide clinically significant relief for those struggling
    with neck pain as a result of forward head posture.

Next Steps:
If you spend long hours each day in a single position – like sitting at a computer – it’s important to take the
time to take periodic breaks to stretch and move your body.

Remember, posture is dynamic, and stretching can help not only “reset” your posture, but also help keep
your spine healthy and your energy levels up!

Scheduling a posture and movement assessment with us is also a smart idea to help ensure you remain
as pain-free as possible no matter how you spend your days. Just give us a call!

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